2007 2.0d X3 Engine Light & Lack of Power

As BMW owners, my wife and I were beginning to lose a little faith in the brand due to a recurring problem that plagued my wifes 2007 2.0d X3. Our particular problem was due to the design of the engine and the way in which it uses exhaust gasses to feed back into the intake system.¬†Over the period of our ownership we were finding the engine management light coming on more and more frequntly. The Main Dealer garage diagnosis was a heavy build up of carbon deposits right through the engine that had severely restricted the performance of the car to the point were it was failing to even idle correctly. The remedy was to strip down the top end of the engine and manually clean it all out – at a cost of around ¬£1500 +. When talking to Graham he was immediately aware of the problem and suggested we try a new process that he was offering that was a non-invasive procedure that cleans the entire engine with having to have it stripped down. The price was massively less than what we had been quoted too; so we were naturally sceptical! Our car was returned to us running like a swiss watch! Smooth, quiet idle and a return to its punchy performance with no more warning lights. Our faith in the brand is restored as we realised that it’s the independent BMW specialists like Graham Martin Automotive that can offer equally thorough servicing and fault curing without the hefty dealership premium. My car is booked in for its next service already!

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