MOT Testing

Every car more than three years old needs an annual MOT test to ensure it is roadworthy. If your car fails the test, it must be repaired to conform to the standards.


Turn on the ignition and make sure:


Walk round the vehicle and inspect the tyres. Make sure:


Lighting is one of the most frequent failure points. Check:


There should be no sharp edges to injure pedestrians, bumpers should be secure and you must be able to access the car through all the doors and open them from both inside and outside.


Although it’s impossible to check the brakes accurately without specialist equipment there are some things you can do:


As with the brakes, it’s difficult to check the steering without specialist equipment:

Shock Absorbers

Shock absorbers or dampers can’t have any leaks or difference in absorbing pressure. Get a rough idea if your car’s shock absorbers are faulty by bouncing each corner of the vehicle. The vehicle should go down under pressure then rise back up to full height before settling down slightly. Excessive bouncing indicates faulty or worn out dampers.

Windscreen and Mirrors

Small stone chips in your windscreen won’t necessarily mean failure but:


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