BMW Gearbox And Clutch Repairs

Automatic Transmissions

Is your car leaking oil from the gearbox? Quite often you would never know as modern BMW’s have such comprehensive under trays they are capable of holding a significant amount of oil without leaving drips.

BOOK IN NOW for a no obligation inspection of your automatic gearbox sump pan.

Very often we see the current generation of gearboxes develop jerky gear changes or hang onto gears due to low oil levels, this is normally due to leaks from the plastic sump (with integral filter) and the electrical connector sleeve. We can replace both of these for you using Genuine original parts and oil at a much more competitive price than the main dealer. We will correctly fill, bleed and recalibrate the learning functions of your gearbox so you can have peace of mind that the job has been done to exacting BMW standards and the parts also come with a 2 year manufacturer guarantee.

Manual Transmissions

Do you suffer from clutch judder? If so call us now on 01744 735993 for professional advice about a number of different remedies.

We offer BMW modified software for certain four cylinder diesel models to alleviate this problem, however in severe cases we can replace your clutch and flywheel using Genuine parts at a significantly lower price than the main dealer.

There are other options available too such as the clutch delay valve. The standard BMW clutch delay valve allows the clutch to slip too much before engagement, leading to slow gear changes, premature wear and vague clutch pedal “feel”. With a modified valve having no restriction to delay the clutch engagement you’ll shift faster, smoother, and it will give you a better overall clutch feel.

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