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We know M Power cars inside out at Graham Martin Automotive, so if your high performance BMW needs taking care of you don’t need to look any further.

From Inspection 2 services and tappet adjustment to engine lights, SMG faults, clutches and performance enhancements you and your machine are in safe hands. We only use Castrol Edge Sport 10w60 as specified by BMW and the correct gearbox and differential oils, including the modified limited slip differential oil.

Call 01744 735993 now for exceptionally competitive prices on M5 V10 clutch replacement using Genuine original parts. We’re experts in the common faults of these fantastic cars and can guide you through the various options to ensure enjoy a trouble free experience in the Ultimate Driving Machine.

If you are worried about your M3 or Z3M boot floor cracking, call us to book an inspection and if any attention is required we can put you in touch with Matthew at M-Prove Solutions. He is an expert in preventative measures on cars which are yet to develop the fault, but if you own one of the many cars which have cracks forming in the subframe mounts Matthew can offer a very cost effective and robust solution to repair it. http://www.mprovesolutions.com/


At Graham Martin Automotive we can care for any age of BMW or MINI, with a direct link and subscription to the BMW programming servers in Munich we can guarantee to have the very latest software for both classic BMW’s or even brand new models.

Not only are we up to date with the latest software of the main dealers but we are not tied to this either so we also benefit from Autologic software computers. This means we can offer far more flexibility than the main dealers and even code in non-BMW retrofit items for you such as aftermarket alternatives to the BMW iPod interfaces, with full usability through the BMW/MINI iDrive or BMW/MINI radio systems.

Engine ECU BMW Remaps

Benefits of Performance Tunes

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Performance Upgrades

Are you planning a track day in your BMW? Or perhaps you just want
to get the best out of your car when you go for a spirited drive along your favourite piece of road? At Graham Martin Automotive we know BMW’s inside out and can tailor your car’s characteristics to suit your needs.

We can transform your handling with upgrades ranging from stiffer anti roll bars to minimise body roll in fast corners, to coil over suspension which can be combined with more aggressive wheel alignment and adjusted to your individual requirements.

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We share your passion for motorsport and everyone at Graham Martin Automotive understands it’s the small details which makes those tenths of a second you are looking for.

We offer full preparation services both between events and trackside if required and can offer a limited number of storage spaces for track cars.

You can browse our M3 demo build here.

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