Diagnostic Checks – All “Diagnostic Checks” offered by Garages are NOT the same!

My 201,000 mile BMW 320d has had the airbag light on since I’ve owned it (about 3 years). As of 20/03/2013 this is now an MOT fail. Two local garages that I have regularly been to in the past used their “diagnostic equipment” to identify the fault – two slightly different results! Concerned at the mixed results I decided to consult the experts who have the proper BMW diagnostic equipment. Graham and his team gave me a definitive diagnosis which included a fault on the passenger seat occupancy sensor that neither of the other two diagnostic checks had revealed. The suggested air bag light repairs from the other two garages were going to cost about £400 which when combined with other more routine MOT repairs (suspension bushes, handbrake adj etc) was going to be a real issue given the value of the car. (Plus, I now know that there would still be a further underlying fault likely to bring the light on again!) With Grahams’ pin point and accurate diagnosis I was able to source much lower cost solutions, which included doing some very minor repair work myself. End result – new parts fitted by me, got the air bag light fault cleared and now been off for 2 weeks – MOT passed 18/07/13. This all goes to show that there is no substitute for in-depth product knowledge, experience, and the right tools for the job! I will now be recommending Graham and his team to any other BMW / Mini owner I come across. 10/10

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