Fixed – At Last!

I had been using my local garage in Billinge for the last couple of years for servicing and repairs to my 2004 316i, which I have owned virtually from new, but I had grown increasingly concerned that they either did not know what they were doing or they didn’t care. The final straw came after they had two attempts to fix an oil leak and charged me over two hundred quid but still it leaked like a sieve, and they also told me that a persistent knocking noise at the rear of the car would require a big stripdown and needed special tools so would ‘probably be better left as it was until it got worse’. I was almost reconciled to the fact that I would have to change the car as I could not find anyone who could do a competent job at a fair rate on my BMW. Fortunately I stumbled across Graham Martin Automotive and just one visit has cured my oil leaks, and fixed the knocking noise on the back, which turned out to be just worn anti roll bar bushes which were cheap and simple to replace. I am hopeful that I can keep the car for a little while longer now that I have found someone I can trust to keep it running sweet and am also glad that when it comes time to change I can look for another late used BMW without worrying about where I will take it for servicing and repairs.

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