Mini Air Conditioning

Keep your MINI Air Conditioning operating at its peak and enjoy a pleasant ambient environment allowing you to relax on your journey.  At Graham Martin Automotive we can offer a full antibacterial treatment to attack condensation and mildew which forms in the heater piping and fully refresh the refrigerant in the air conditioning system ensuring comfort no matter what the conditions are.

Making sure your driving environment is always chilled to perfection is easy with a little periodic maintenance. Luckily, we have some tailor-made MINI Air Conditioning services to make sure it stays in tip-top condition.

Air Freshener – removes any unwanted musty smells by cleaning the evaporator, disinfecting the air duct system and treating the air vents and your MINI’s interior.

Arctic Blast – ensures the air conditioning gauge gives you the temperature you want, when you want it. This is done by draining the refrigerant, checking for leaks and operating pressures, and then recharging the refrigerant and lubricant.

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